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Welcome to Many Merry Moons!

Here's what you need to know about how I roll:

Hi! I'm Johanna, writer, mother, secular homeschooler, and highly sensitive person.


This is what I want for my children:

Simple pleasures, plenty of nature, and time, lots of time, for wondering and dreaming. I want star gazing, moon watching, occasional soakers, and books that move them. I want them to find their special purpose and feel that they are always, no matter what, loved beyond comprehension.

This is what I want for my Self:

I want to remember as much as humanly possible that I am worthy of love. That I have within me, the one who knows. That I am the oracle of my own life.

I want to be generous with my heart, my body, and my spirit. I want to keep shining my light in the world, to fan the flames of my dream. I want to have endless forgiveness for myself, flaws and all. I want to pour gold into all of the wounds of my heart. I want to "go easy, be filled with light, and shine," as Mary Oliver would say.

I want to stay rooted, to celebrate the rhythms of this earth, and all the seasons of my own life.

I want to mother my way, the way that feels right to me, which is all in. I want to teach my children that they are their own dearest companion in this life. I want to remember that the good I am seeking is also seeking me.

I want to run with the wolves. To learn the language of birds. To infuse spirit and joy into all of my interactions. I want to honour those who came before me. To learn their wisdom and cultivate my own inner knowing. I want to bring beauty into the world, and as many ways as I can.

My joy comes from  curling up with my journal and tea,  reading like it's going out of style, studying herbalism, and tuning in with the real world (by that I mean, nature). I'm always striving to take better care of myself and I love to share all of the tools and resources that make my life simpler, beautiful, and full of every day magic. There are so many wise women who have come before us and have found ways of making mothering and living a sacred art.  So if that sounds like something you want, definitely visit me  here and I'll share all of my discoveries with you!

My Parenting Style:

I've never been very good at keeping up with convention. I've always had a strong pull to do things differently, and parenting has been no exception. But it can be hard to go against the grain, and it's super exhausting to be constantly explaining your choices and defending your precious values.


That's what Many Merry Moons is for. This is the place I want you to come when you need to slow down,  be lifted up, and supported in your wild and unconventional (and maybe even highly sensitive) ways.  I also want to support you on your journey to taking excellent care of yourself.  Self-Care and love is everything. It's what we crave, what we need, and what we deserve. And I'm here to help make sure you get it!


In our home, we often (lovingly) refer to ourselves as unconventional weirdos. Our values and choices are not for everyone, but I'll lay it out for you so you can decide if this is the place for you!

10 things that have given my life more meaning and pleasure --and have stretched my heart wide open!:

  1.  Homeschooling my 2 beautiful children

  2.  Co-sleeping

  3.  Attachment parenting

  4. Not owning a cell-phone in 10 years!

  5. Studying herbal medicine and making my own body care products (which I'll be selling here soon!)

  6. Eating organic and local food (and growing food on our tiny suburban property)

  7. Supporting local businesses and artists

  8.  My Sit Spot!

  9. Studying Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Susan Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, and 8 Shields

  10. Buying quality, durable products  (or second-hand) so we don't contribute to polluting our planet


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