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  • Johanna Bernhardt

What Dream can you Realize During this Time of Social Distancing

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Because I homeschool my two kids, I am pretty accustomed to staying at home for a few days at a time. But with the social distancing protocol, the next few weeks are going to be very different. For everyone.

In Canada, we are taking great precautions and most of us will likely ride this out without detriment to our health. However, the biggest obstacles we will be facing are boredom, anxiety, and isolation.

In our generation and culture, we have never had much to contend with. We've never been torn apart by war, famine, or disease. We've had a remarkably good and easy way of life compared to people who have come before us. Just ask your grandparents (if you are fortunate enough to have them).

Social distancing is going to have a huge impact on how many people get sick in our communities. It's the simplest thing we can all do (besides washing our hands) to protect the vulnerable and keep hospitals operating effectively. It's going to be a challenge, but I think we will all come out on the other side of this with great appreciation for our health, our families, and our lives.

But, big but. We are not accustomed to having any time unaccounted for (not even when we take vacations). And to many people, having14 days or longer without an agenda is the most terrifying thing of all. The question seems to be, "What do I do?"

Instead of panicking at the thought, I'm going to ask you to instead look at that question and pretend you have just won a time lottery. No money, just time. So what is that thing that you've always wanted to do "If I only had time". Is there a little, tiny dream that you could fulfill?

Maybe you've always wanted to learn to paint? Or take better photographs? Do you want to make the best Indian food in the world? Or learn to knit a scarf? Do you want to record a video for YouTube? Or sew a Spring tablecloth? Do you want to learn how to do a crazy Frozen 2 braid? Whatever it is, now is the time. The libraries may be closed, but the internet is still going strong. With a little research, you can find something positive to focus your energy and attention on.

When this period is over and gone, don't let it be the time you had your first panic attack, let it be the time you finally learned to watercolour, or make butter chicken from scratch. This just might be the only time in your entire life where you have to stay home for an extended period.

Right now you have the luxury to do something for that inner artist you (maybe) didn't even know was there. And of course, if you have children home with you, ask them what their little dream is and help them fulfill it too.

If you're still not sold on this idea, consider how many famous works of art have been produced by artists who were bed ridden for MONTHS at a time - no pressure :)

Frida Kahlo completed Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress while bedridden after a bus accident.

Henri Matisse began his painting career while recovering from an illness.

Mark Twain wrote his memoirs from bed.

Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) wrote many books during chronic illness.

Here's hoping that during this challenging time, you rise to the occasion and find a little dream to lift you up.

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