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  • Johanna Bernhardt

This Too Shall Pass

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

“Well, that was life. Gladness and pain . . . hope and fear . . . and change. Always change! You could not help it. You had to let the old go and take the new to your heart, learn to love it and then let it go in turn. 

~Anne of Ingleside, L.M Montgomery

I used to think the phrase “this too shall pass” was just something we needed to hear in times of peril and suffering, but, after becoming a parent,  I came to see that it has a broader, bitter-sweet meaning as well.

When my son was born, everyone told us how quickly that first year goes. We didn’t believe it. We couldn’t ever imagine our little baby any different than he was at  that moment. Now, he is 8 and has a sister who is 5 (what!). That small, delicate, child is gone, and I now have the pleasure of knowing an equally delightful but entirely different little boy.

As we raise our children, we soon discover there is a fluidity to life  that we cannot stop.  Each moment seamlessly carries us into the next, and before we know it, that moment is gone and a new one is before us. Wouldn’t it be lovely to remember that in the midst of sleepless nights and endless dirty dishes? Doesn’t it always seem as if a bad moment will NEVER pass? But it will. And so do good ones.  That is, the sweet, tender moments where your babe is sleeping peacefully, mouth fluttering all the while. First steps, first giggles, first words, first hugs. They go.

Why do we always wonder when our child will hit that next milestone. Why are we always wishing time away when, in these quickly passing years, we should be cherishing each moment. It is in our nature, and the nature of the world, to change.  Things can’t and won’t stay the same.  

So the next time your child does something that makes your heart soar, revel in it for a little while. Let it wash over you as you hold on to that beautiful, transient moment. Because, this too shall pass.

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