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  • Johanna Bernhardt

Do You Have a Little Dream that Feels out of Reach?

"The only thing worse than starting something and failing, is not starting something."

~Seth Godin

I am not a hugely ambitious person by nature. I do not have big, crazy star reaching dreams. I have smaller ones that bring me great pleasure and joy and fulfillment. I have had a little writing dream brewing for about a year now, but I found it very difficult to see the dream through because mothering and being alive is a full time job that can leave us with little energy for much else.

But then.

I watched an interview on MarieTV and that all changed (if you don't know Marie Forleo, immediately check her out if you are a woman with a big heart and multiple passions).

I learned that if I want to write, then it's a really good idea to actually write. Not thinking about writing, not trying to find time to write, but writing.

Sounds too simple right?

Not at all my friend. When I made the decision that I would write every day for 20 minutes, a very strange thing happened. I started writing every day for 20 minutes! It was the most liberating thing to discover that I didn't have to have that conversation with myself anymore -- the one that goes, "Do I really have time to write today? or, Do I feel like writing today? Because the answer to both of those question is always, No.

So when I didn't have to ask myself if I was going to write, and instead, knew that it was happening every day, I started to make real, tangible progress with my little dream.

For me, this looks like getting out of bed in the morning, making a coffee, going to my office, and writing for 20 minutes.

If my children are awake, I give them a drink, a snack, and let them know they can watch 1 show (scandalous right?). When I'm done writing, I go to my agenda and record that I completed my writing for that day. And then, this little ripple of pride washes over me because, it's not even 8am yet, and I already feel so powerful because I honoured my little dream and myself by showing up.

Twenty minutes might not seem like much, but after about 2 months of making this commitment, I realized, holy %&it! This is actually working! Now in real life, things happen, and there have been days when I didn't write, but that's not the point. The point is that now I have carved a realistic amount of space in my life for my dream and I know that it can be done, and I know that you can do it too.

Maybe you'd like to paint a portrait? Or train for a triathlon? Or work on your side hustle? Whatever it is, tell yourself that if you start doing it, instead of thinking about it endlessly in your mind, you're already half way there.

Love to you and your little dream,


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